Speed up WordPress

Page speed optimization service

Speed up WordPress

We will apply all best practises and configure caching, preload fonts, unload unnecessary scripts, optimize images and give recommendations.



Professional speed and performance optimization.


Best practises

You will have all basic optimization done properly.


More than caching

Unload unnecessary scripts, preconnect fonts, defer javascript.

We will analyze your website for free before accepting any orders.

Why is a fast website important?

A fast website speed will result in a better user experience, while a slow website speed will result in a poor user experience. Page speed is a search engine ranking factor.

Fast hosting is important


The faster your web hosting is the faster your website will load and that means your visitors will see your content much sooner.

We will help you move to proper hosting.


WordPress Optimization


Optimize WordPress for speed by optimizing images, preloading fonts, preconnect external domains, minify CSS, Javascripts & HTML, enable Gzip, browser caching and website caching and database optimization.

You will have all optimization done properly.


How does it work

So you decided to have us speed optimize WordPress, now what?

1. Audit

  • Send us the URL and we will analyze the website.

  • We will audit and review the website and advise how we can help meet your goals and solve your speed issues.

2. Order

  • We will send you a payment request or invoice via Paypal.

  • In order to start we will need a WordPress admin: URL/account/password.

3. Optimization

We will:

  • Take a backup before commencement.
  • Configure Image optimization.
  • Minify CSS, Javascript & HTML.
  • Unload unnecessary scripts.
  • Configure caching.
  • Optimize the database.
  • Apply best practises.

You will have all basic optimization done properly.

Are you ready to start optimizing?

Find out how our site speed services can help you with a free site audit and review performed by one of our team.

Managed WordPress hosting

Fast, reliable, and secure web hosting with servers in USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Your own VPS

Cloudpanel control panel on Debian with Nginx, MySQL and Redis.

Optimized for WordPress

Server stack optimized for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Automated backups

Daily, weekly and 2 weekly rotating server backups.

Make WordPress faster, free migrations & clonetest for websites up to 5 GB in size. Most sites can be migrated or clone tested under 30 minutes.