We are boosting performance by rolling out Google Cloud’s computer-optimized (C2) VMs.

How will this impact our clients?

We’ve been testing these new machines and have been blown away by the performance. It varies based on the type of site, but we are seeing performance improvements from 30% all the way up to 200%! 

C2 machine types

Built on the latest generation Intel Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake), C2 machine types offer up to 3.8 GHz sustained all-core turbo and provide full transparency into the architecture of the underlying server platforms, letting you fine-tune the performance. C2 machine types offer much more computing power, run on a newer platform, and are generally more robust for compute-intensive workloads than the N1 high-CPU machine types.

Will there be downtime?

There might be a one or two minute downtime due to migration require us to stop the machines, we do this in our service window. No impact is expected, by using the latest Google Cloud Technologie we can offer state of the art managed hosting to our customers.