System Status Updates


Overall Uptime Status

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up Delfshaven HTTP(S) 99.990 %
up Europe West 4 A (PING) 99.999 %
up Europe West 4 A HTTP(S) 99.997 %
paused US West 2 A (PING) 99.382 %
paused US West 2 A HTTP(S) 100.000 %
Updated at 8:39 pm

Latest updates

Continuous website improvements

Currently we are maintaining website layouts and making improvements on press release websites. Designs may change overtime, we discovered some issues after the migration of some websites. We are on top of it to make the websites efficient again with...

Planned Maintenance Europe West

Two weeks ago we started a transition and migrated all european hosted websites to a temporary server while we are working on a new Google Cloud Platform based hosting infrastructure. We currently are migrating websites to the new hosting environment and we will keep...

Planned maintenance

Press release websites are undergoing maintenance and migrations. Due to the migration some websites or databases may be temporarily locked and no modifications are allowed. If you encounter any problems please try again later. We will keep you up to date on this page...