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Latest system status alerts

Google Compute Engine Incident #19008

Some networking update/create/delete operations pending globally Incident began at 2019-10-31 18:30 (all times are US/Pacific). Description: Mitigation work is currently underway by our product team to unblock stuck network operations globally. Network operations...

Increased attack rates

For the last couple of days we have seen an increase of attacks on some of our clients websites. This results in a error 521 webserver is down or a 5 second delay while we mitigate the attack. We are monitoring our services with extra care those days. When an attack...

Malfunctioning visual editor on press release websites

We discovered that after recent website updates the visual editor on press release website was not functioning correctly. The visual editor was not loading on the submission form and either on the edit form in the my account pages. We have investigated the problem and...

Continuous website improvements

Currently we are maintaining website layouts and making improvements on press release websites. Designs may change overtime, we discovered some issues after the migration of some websites. We are on top of it to make the websites efficient again with...

Planned Maintenance Europe West

Two weeks ago we started a transition and migrated all european hosted websites to a temporary server while we are working on a new Google Cloud Platform based hosting infrastructure. We currently are migrating websites to the new hosting environment and we will keep...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a one-off press release work?

After ordering you have 24 hours access to publish your press release.

How do the subscriptions work?

You can choose from a month, year or lifetime subscription. You can publish press releases unlimited against a “Fair Use” policy. The starting point is the average use of all members.

Is the lifetime subscription lifelong?

Yes, it is valid for life at a one-time fee.

Can I upgrade after choosing a plan?

Yes, that is very easy in your personal dashboard.

Can I manage my press releases after my subscription has expired?

After your subscription has expired you can still log in and view and delete your press releases. You cannot publish new press releases or change existing press releases. Activate your account again to use all options.

Can I edit a published press release?

Yes, as long as you have an active subscribtion you will be able to edit all your published press releases.

How can I delete or edit a press release?

The publisher of the press release can access the dashboard and delete the post. If the publisher has an active subscription one can also edit the press release and re-publish it.

What happens if I cancel my subscription

You will still have access to your dashboard where you can see all of your press releases.

You cannot edit your posts, however you will be able to delete your posts. In order to modify a published press release, please activate a subscription.

Can you delete a press release for me?

You can order a press release removal, please contact our chatbot for your order and instructions.